Nurture your creative spark with this free creativity course from American Latina artist, Emily Lupita. Published every Friday + Monday at noon (EST), topics include the creative process, international travel, art + writing, and Autism + motherhood.

Here’s how it works:

Every Friday at noon (EST), Emily Lupita posts a creativity candle. This (metaphorical) candle is an action prompt with explanations and examples, including from Emily Lupita’s own creative process. Use your candle when you need the light of a moment immersed in creativity. These Friday posts are included in the free subscription.

On Mondays at noon (EST), Emily Lupita posts a motivational matchstick. This is a post of interconnected research, travel writing, stories, videos, and visuals designed to light up your creative spark. The Monday posts go deeper into the creative process and are also part of the free subscription. Use the matchstick to give you ideas and inspiration for your own creative spirit.

The free subscription includes a variety of extra added bonuses and artwork along the way as well, including a phone wallpaper on each week’s theme - like this one.

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About the Artist

American Latina artist Emily Lupita is an award-winning writer and illustrator with an MFA from Iowa State University. She teaches creativity courses and is raising her two nonverbal Autistic sons in the Turkish capital of Ankara. To see a portfolio of Emily Lupita’s paintings, check out: www.EmilyLupita.com

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Autism Brothers

Emily Lupita also writes Autism Brothers, a weekly newsletter and supportive community for her two Autistic sons.